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Daily Dribbles: Tasteful Team GB footy kit revealed for 2012 Olympics…

…but only if ‘tasteful’ and ‘hideous’ were synonyms.

Here is the strip in question:

Adding new meaning to 'British Olympic Camp'.

Aside from the fact that you can only really see the Scottish flag represented on the top – highly ironic given the SFA’s understandable/controversial (delete as appropriate) stance on its players taking part in what it (and the average Scotland fan) sees as a superfluous, irrelevant non-entity of an event, and one that could threaten all four home nations’ independence in the eyes of FIFA – and that the red of England looks like it’s been added as an afterthought on the collar and sleeves, it’s nothing less than a monstrosity.

Conceived by Stella McCartney and produced by Adidas, it and other British Olympic uniforms were revealed today to much fanfare, and no little giggling. There was no mention at the launch of the input of American comicbook superhero Blue Beetle, whose ideas were said to be influential at Team GB kit design meetings.

David Beckham models the new kit

Come late July, the major problem for the ‘unified’ British team isn’t going to be rumbling rows about the lack of Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish players in the squad, nor will it centre around the fact that no-one’s turning up to watch them, or the event as a whole. It’s that Brazil, Spain, the United States and the rest will be incapacitated with laughter on the sidelines…