About Keepie Uppie

Fanatics of the beautiful game, our aim is to write stuff that fellow and would-be football fans will find intriguing, thought-provoking and fun.

Our major contributor, a slightly sad, Heart of Midlothian-supporting couch potato, has dragged his sizeable frame onto the terraces (now seats, mainly) of Scotland, England, France, Germany and the USA, and lived to tell the tale. There’s nothing he likes better than watching a top-of-the-table clash from an obscure league in Eastern Europe, simply because he’s invariably bet the weekly shopping budget on the outcome. Don’t tell his wife, though.

Our other contributors hail from all over Planet Football, from Liverpool to Lyon, and from Dundee to Duluth. They all share an interest in and love of the world’s biggest sport.

Feedback, criticism and crates of Irn Bru (failing that, root beer) are very welcome. If you’re too shy to use the comments sections, you can also e-mail us at keepieuppieblog@hotmail.com.

Proof of a higher power?

And if ever you’re feeling a bit jaded, simply feast your eyes on the clips below to remind yourself why you adore this game so much. No, seriously – do it:


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